Consecration to
The Sacred Heart of God The Father

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April 23, 2001 at 3 pm in a private apparition to Chris Courtis.

My dear ones,

Today I stand at the right hand of the Father with majesty and grace, and it is in that majesty and grace that I rule over everything in this world and in the next.  My lesson today is on a sure way of living in and of doing My Most Holy Will, and that is by abiding in God My Father's Most Sacred Heart. When you abide in love, in My Father's Most Sacred Heart, you are attached to one single Will alone and that is the Will of the Father who has sent Me.  To be one in love in My Father's Heart also means to be one in His Will.  Make no mistake about this, My little ones, God My Father's Heart does exist.  It was only through God's Most Loving Heart, love beating with His Most Holy Will, that everything did come into being.

And it was at the Immaculate Conception of My Mother that God My Father did enclose half of His heart to My mother Mary. And it was from her heart that My Body and Heart were formed.

That is why the Three Hearts, though, separate are joined together as One, One in love, and One in Will.  Everything that God My Father does in His Sheer Will is done all in love.

But, My little ones, you must ask yourselves how can I be united to the Father's Sacred Heart?

First, you must love God the Father with all your heart and ask Him to grace you with love so that you may grow in God's love.

Second, you must love Him back. God the Father, just like Me His Son, waits for you to be affectionate with Us.  Be affectionate with Us, tell God the Father that you love Him and that you wish to do His Will and thus live in It, for you cannot hope to live in Our Most Holy Will when you can't even do what He asks of you.  I say to you this, you cannot be united to living in God's Most Holy Will without being united to His Most Sacred Heart.

The last and final thing you must do is consciously consecrate your heart to the Sacred Heart of the Father.  Pray simply and ask Him thus ;

Our Father who resides in Heaven, I approach your throne and ask that You give to me the grace of abiding within your Most Sacred Heart.  I promise to love Thee and to adore Thee with all my heart and soul.  O Mighty Father, love me and let me love you so that I may also be one in Your Most Holy Will. You, O God, are my Creator and my Father of Mercy and Love, and it is in Thee that I do trust that Thy love becomes my own, and that Thy Will becomes my will, and that I may live and do Thy Will, not just in this world, but in the next.  O Most Merciful and Loving Heart of the Father, I love and trust in Thee through Your Son Jesus Christ.  Ahmen or Amen, whichever one you prefer.

I love you all my little ones and I bless you with my peace.  Peace be with you all.