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Through these messages through Chris Courtis, God the Father, Jesus, and Mary have established Gaithersburg, MD as the Center of the Sacred Heart of God the Father. Our Lady announced it in May 2002, and two years later, God the Father explained why He had chosen Gaithersburg.

Our Lady told us in her May 13, 2002 message to the prayer group, ďÖI and my Son are establishing the Center of God the Fatherís Most Sacred Heart. It is no coincidence that in Emmitsburg I place my Immaculate Heart as a refuge and as a Center. So shall this be the Center of God the Fatherís Sacred Heart. The Fatherís love and mercy shall always be here in a special way until the end of time. Its fire shall reach into your soul and define you and refine you as an individual. Pray that you may understand my words, and that they may penetrate your hearts deeply, and that you may realize you are being called to not only consecration but to living in His Most Sacred Heart. This is a gift and a privilegeĒ

God the Father explained in His message of April 13, 2004, why He has chosen Gaithersburg as the Center of His Most Fatherly Sacred Heart. ďMy dear and beloved children of My earth, I have told you that every year on this date that I shall appear and give a message regarding My Fatherly Sacred Heart. Today, on this day, not only do I wish you all to promulgate this devotion, I wish you to know why Iíve chosen Gaithersburg as the Center of My Fatherly Heart. 

I created it long before this land came into being. And long before settlers came onto this land, there were a few holy tribes that consecrated this land to a spirit known as The Creator God.

Then as the new world settlers came to this land and spread out throughout Maryland and the United States, especially here, the pilgrims who came here had a great devotion to Me, always. As you may know, the first settlers to trod on this land were from England and they were called the Puritans. They had a great devotion to Me. They loved Me with all their heart even though their laws were strict and even though I did not ask them to be that strict, they regarded Me as the highest above all. I am the Lord your God and Creator.

And later, in the 1800ís as more people spread and came to Maryland, especially in Gaithersburg, this holy place was founded upon a center of Jewish beliefs. Synagogues were built here, dedicated to Me, and still exist today. (not the buildings)

I come to tell you that you are so loved by Me and that it is for these historical reasons that I have chosen Gaithersburg as the Center of My Fatherly Sacred Heart. But beyond this reason, there is a more simple one, and that is your simplicity. Historically as you continued to grow as a town, you continued to experience many changes of life and all its complexities, but yet you never lost your faith and you never lost hope. Those who have lived here consecrated their lives to Me from the very beginning and throughout its history, all of you have been consecrated to Me. Even now there are many people who do not know yet of Me or this devotion. They consecrate themselves, their family, and their land to Me. Simplicity, My dear ones, this is what I look for, not your greatness and not your knowledge, but your simplicity and how you live the gospel of My Son Jesus Christ.

I chose this place first because it also provides a crucial vein to your motherís Immaculate Heart (Emmitsburg). How can your motherís Immaculate Heart be formed without the crucial vein that formed her Immaculate Heart, which is Me, her Lord and her God.Ē (God the Father then continues His message to give us the Blue Scapular.)

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