References for St. Joseph and His Most Chaste Heart
In the Messages Through Chris Courtis

(Mary) “St. Joseph, who accompanied me, I desire you to have a great devotion to him and love for him and his most chaste heart.  He is the foster father of Jesus, my beloved spouse, and towards the end, when he departed this life, his soul became without sin and during the Resurrection, he accompanied my Son bodily into Heaven.  He is the Saint of All Saints because of what he has worked on earth, living chastely, living in poverty, and loving God and Jesus above his own self.  He is a model of fathers and model of spouses.  I desire you all to imitate his virtues.  Pray to him.  He hears your prayers and will grace you with many graces.  Ask him to be chaste in heart, and he will help you. (Our Lady is smiling, she says,) In no way does devotion to St. Joseph detract from devotion to me or to Jesus.  In fact, it leads you to me and to Jesus in a more intimate way.  Go to him, for he hears your prayers.”


(St. Joseph) “Now the message that I wish to give today and to the world is this one.  (He’s reaching towards his chest!  He’s pulling out his heart!  It’s his Most Chaste Heart!  And there’s a stick with a lily growing out of it in the midst of the flames of his heart.  He says,)


“My Son Jesus and the Holy Blessed Virgin Mary desire that there be devotion made to my Most Chaste Heart.  Let the world know that Jesus, God the Father, the Holy Spirit, and the Blessed Mother no longer desire this devotion to remain hidden.  Let all people receive and make the First Wednesdays devotions devoted to my Most Chaste Heart.  They will receive purity in abundance, and graces will abide for fathers and all people if they will venerate this chosen, chaste heart of mine.  It is through this heart that was there for the mother and there for the Son, I come to ask you to recite the five Joyful Mysteries on Wednesdays and to spend time meditating upon my joys and sorrows, for I was there.  The first five Wednesdays are to be made and are to be venerated beginning in March. Let this be known, that I desire this holy devotion to be practiced.”


In his message of April 2, 2008, St. Joseph said,
“Praised be to Jesus and Mary! Give glory and praise to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit who has allowed me to come in this special way to give to you the great devotion to my Most Chaste Heart.

My little ones, before you can have a devotion to my Most Chaste Heart, you must get to know me. This month, the instructions are very simple. Pray to me, talk to me, get to know me. How can you have a great devotion and love for my Chaste Heart when you cannot give to me your hopes, your desires, and your heart - your heart for my heart? Open your heart to me and get to know me. I am with each and every one of you, but it is through prayer that you will get to know me. This is what I desire, for you to form and have a devotion to me.

Through this devotion, you will come to understand that I, along with your Heavenly Mother, am another aid for you. I am the great intercessor along with my spouse the Mother of God, Mary Most Holy. I hold the Baby Jesus in my arms to show you that I too can lead you to Him when you put your trust and hope in me. My words are few, yet they are challenging. I call you also to pray the Memorare to St. Joseph* every day along with one Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be.

I am here for all, but first you must get to know me. Let this be, this month, you getting to know me, developing your faith, and coming closer to me. I thank you for your response, and I give you the blessing of Jesus who is with me. (Jesus and St. Joseph are blessing us, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.) Go in peace. Go in peace.