Message from ST. JOSEPH


September 13, 2005 through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, U.S.A.


(At the beginning of the 4th Joyful Mystery, St. Joseph appeared unexpectedly to Chris.)


My dear little ones,

I’ve come to reveal to you a mystery about this mystery, the Presentation of the Child Jesus in the Temple.  Look carefully at what I am about to show you.  (It’s a temple.  I see Mary holding the Baby Jesus and she left with the priest.  They’re in the outer temple, not the inner temple yet.  St. Joseph is walking, walking. There’s a corner, it looks like a stand in the outer market place.  St. Joseph says, “May I please have two turtle doves, for my son is about to be sacrificed for the sins of the world.  These two turtledoves are purchased for him.”  The man behind the counter gives him two turtledoves and he pays for them.  The money is weird.  I can’t describe the money.  I don’t know what it is.  He takes the turtledoves and he puts them in a cage.  Now he’s walking towards the outer temple and he moves to another side of the temple.  A priest is coming up to him. He says, “What is your business with the temple today?”  And St. Joseph says, “My business is to redeem my son, to purchase him back for me.”  Then the priest says, “In the law of the Lord it is written that either you shall sacrifice a pair of turtledoves or two bullocks or kids of the first year.”  Joseph holds up his basket with two turtledoves. Now the priest takes it and he moves them to a side altar.  It’s a big pit and there’s flames, there are steps leading up to it.  They are going up it.  Joseph takes out one of the turtledoves and hands it over to the priest.  The priest takes a knife and mimics how Joseph is to kill the dove, and he says, “Now, my son, it is your turn.”  St. Joseph then takes the first dove.  I think one of them is female and one of them is male, and he kills the first one.  The priest sprinkles the blood on the altar and then throws the dove in the fire.  Then Joseph gets the other dove, slits its throat, that’s the way they killed it.  The priest then takes the dove, sprinkles the blood, and again tosses it into the fire.


 There’s something different.  Joseph has a serenity about him.  The priest is talking to him, but I don’t think St. Joseph can hear him.  The priest says, “Well, my son, I shall leave you in your contemplation”, and he walks down the steps. There’s a light.  There’s a light!  There’s an angel!  It’s Gabriel!”  St. Joseph kneels now with one knee up and one knee down like in reverence, not a complete kneel to the floor.  He’s facing the fire but the angel is standing by St. Joseph’s left. With his right hand he touches his shoulder, and he says, “Now Son of David, Joseph, you have redeemed and purchased this holy child as your own.  Protect him, care for him and watch over him for the rest of your days, for his sorrows shall be you sorrows and his joys your joys. And also the Holy Mother, she too shall bear the seed of joy and sorrow and peace for you.  You shall ever be known as the head of the family.  Guard carefully the spouse and the child entrusted to you.  You have purchased this child as your own son.  Accept him as your own son and bring him up in the way of the Lord.  And behold this message I give to you, for you shall not live long after the boy turns twenty.  He is the Son of God, the living Messiah.  He shall save the people from their sins.  You have prayed for this and so has His mother.  Now He is here and is appointed by God to be the living sacrifice and to reconcile this people to their father.  And your name shall henceforth ever be called Blessed St. Joseph, the foster father, provider of this child and spouse of the Holy Mother.”  He touches St. Joseph’s head. I think the angel is praying over him, “in the name of Yahweh.”  It’s a blessing from on high, and the angel departs.  St. Joseph arises and he goes down the steps.   St. Joseph is here!  It’s not a vision.  He’s actually here now, an apparition.  He says,)


Now the message that I wish to give today and to the world is this one.  (He’s reaching towards his chest!  He’s pulling out his heart!  It’s his Most Chaste Heart!  And there’s a stick with a lily growing out of it in the midst of the flames of his heart.  He says,)


My Son Jesus and the Holy Blessed Virgin Mary desire that there be devotion made to my Most Chaste Heart.  Let the world know that Jesus, God the Father, the Holy Spirit, and the Blessed Mother no longer desire this devotion to remain hidden.  Let all people receive and make the First Wednesdays devotions devoted to my Most Chaste Heart.  They will receive purity in abundance, and graces will abide for fathers and all people if they will venerate this chosen, chaste heart of mine.  It is through this heart that was there for the mother and there for the Son, I come to ask you to recite the five Joyful Mysteries on Wednesdays and to spend time meditating upon my joys and sorrows, for I was there.  The first five Wednesdays are to be made and are to be venerated beginning in March. Let this be known, that I desire this holy devotion to be practiced.


Therefore you shall make and do four “first devotions.”  1) the First Mondays of God the Father, 2) the first Wednesdays of the month, dedicated to my Most Chaste Heart, 3) the First Fridays dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and 4) the First Saturdays devoted to the Immaculate Heart of your mother.  By these four hearts, we shall save the world. 


I desire this message be made known to the world, and I am appearing publicly so that it may be made known, for too long have I appeared to other people and had this devotion kept silent.  Now it is time.  Fathers need a strong role model they can look up to, and they need to know that they can count on me.  Graces will abide through this heart for all fathers, which are the head of the household, and therefore to all families.


And now I bless you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.  Consecrate your lives also to my Most Chaste Heart and venerate it often.  My heart is placed over you.  Venerate it often.


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