Mother of Mercy Novena #4

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Now the last one is extremely important and beautiful to me also. It is a special chaplet novena. When you have the time and your heart is weighing heavily upon you because of a request that maybe is not being answered by God, and you already tried the other chaplet nine days, once a day, I desire you to pray from your heart, nine times in succession, the chaplet for nine days. You shall pray again, I repeat, nine chaplets of the Mother of Mercy nine times in succession for nine days straight, in a row, and I promise I will intercede for you. I desire you also to pray this prayer after you finish each chaplet during this special novena:

“Oh Mother of Mercy, you promised your help in times of need. You promised that whatever we seek through your mercy, you will obtain. You promised that your Immaculate, Merciful Heart will be a refuge for all who seek you. Oh Mother of Mercy, take my petitions to Jesus, bless them with your love and mercy, give to them a kiss of grace, and then present them to Jesus. Intercede under the title of Mother of Mercy, for that is what you truly are, the Mother of Mercy for all mankind and their needs. Oh Mother of Mercy, nothing is impossible for those who hope in thee. Amen.”

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