Why Devotion to
Mary, Our Lady, Mother of Mercy?

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(Since April 13, 2004 the monthly messages of Jesus and Mary through Chris Courtis have changed from messages on the Divine Will to messages on mercy and love.)

On April 13, 2004 Jesus stated “I come to you today to invite you and draw you back to My Divine Mercy.” He then talks more about giving us his love and mercy and His desire for us to return His mercy and love and how to do that.” (www.movingheartfoundation.com/wd4-j-apr13.htm)

Also on April 13, 2004 Our Lady appeared with the Child Jesus in her arms saying, “He’s here with me to call you, and I am here with you to invite you back to God. Please listen, little ones, I wish you to have a devotion to me under the title of Our Lady of Mercy for I will intercede for you to God under this title…..You do not realize, little children, the power I have under this title of interceding to God for I am you Lady of Mercy and I am your mother and I love to pity you. I love to pray for you before God.”(www.movingheartfoundation.com/wd4-m-apr13.htm)

On June 13, 2004 Jesus said, “My dear ones, I come today to echo a message of mercy for the world. My message is this one: I gave to you at the foot of the Cross a woman filled with grace who has become your mother. She is My beloved mother who I gave to you, to all of you. You pray for mercy and you ask for mercy, I point you to her. She is the Mother of Mercy. She is the one who comes to Me on your behalves asking for graces, blessings, love, and pity. You owe much to your heavenly mother, My dear children, and her intercessions.

“I wish to draw you close to your mother’s mercy and to her wounded, sorrowful, immaculate heart. It is her heart which is most in sync with mine and which is most merciful. Her mercy is a mother’s mercy. No other creature have I or My Father created with such pity or such grace or such love for you, for all of you. I beg you to hear your mother’s messages and to respond and live them to the best of your ability.

“You do not understand, but she is preparing the way for My mercy to unfold. You are to come to her to receive My mercy. I wish to draw you to her because it is through her that you will make reparation and heal My wounded, sorrowful, sacred heart.” (www.movingheartfoundation.com/wd4-j-jun13.htm)

On June 13, 2004 Mary told us, “There is one salvation act alone that saved the world and it was through Jesus’ Cross that He redeemed you, and in that Cross He gave you to me and me to you. I say this to you because it is through the act of the Cross that I became your Mother of Mercy, and it is through this act that I am your Mother of Mercy. A mother loves her children and will gladly lay down her life in order to see to their well-being. So too, do I come now to warn you, to protect you, and to love you, and save you from the disastrous consequences that are approaching because of your sins and the lack of human consciousness to awaken to the True Presence of Jesus in the Most Holy Eucharist.

“If you can believe and accept that I am truly and deeply your mother, then know that my Immaculate Heart will triumph. It is this heart, the sorrowful and motherly heart that will triumph. My Immaculate Heart is with you and wants to save you. In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph.” (www.movingheartfoundation.com/wd4-m-jun13.htm)