Why Devotion to
The Most Chaste Heart of St. Joseph?

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April 24, 2005, (Mary) “St. Joseph, who accompanied me, I desire you to have a great devotion to him and love for him and his Most Chaste Heart. He is the foster father of Jesus, my beloved spouse, and towards the end, when he departed this life, his soul became without sin and during the Resurrection, he accompanied my Son bodily into Heaven. He is the Saint of All Saints because of what he has worked on earth, living chastely, living in poverty, and loving God and Jesus above his own self. He is a model of fathers and model of spouses. I desire you all to imitate his virtues. Pray to him. He hears your prayers and will grace you with many graces. Ask him to be chaste in heart, and he will help you. (Our Lady is smiling, she says,) In no way does devotion to St. Joseph detract from devotion to me or to Jesus. In fact, it leads you to me and to Jesus in a more intimate way. Go to him, for he hears your prayers.”

June 2, 2008, (St. Joseph)
I come today to invite you to have more faith, trust, and devotion to my Most Chaste Heart. You ask what graces and favors will be granted to the world and to you when they are consecrated to my heart? Those who consecrate themselves to my heart will receive first, the grace of purity, and second, they will also receive the grace of holiness, and the third, joy. These are the three graces that I will give to those who consecrate themselves to my loving and Most Chaste Heart….

When I say trust, I say to you to take a risk. Blindly consecrate yourselves to me and totally abandon yourselves to my heart, and I will protect you, and teach you how to live in the Divine Will. My little ones, do you not wish to be pure? Do you not wish to be holy? Do you not wish to receive the joy that you originally had in the beginning? Come to me, for all those who embrace this devotion to my Chaste Heart also have the blessings and graces of my little stepson Jesus. I am the head of the Holy Family so anything you ask of me, being the head, I will pray and intercede for all your needs.

July 2, 2008 (St. Joseph)
As the Saint of All Saints I am also your protector, your guardian in this life and in the next when you consecrate yourself to my Most Chaste Heart. I offer protection from all evil, from evil spirits, and from the attack of the devil when you practice and have a devotion to my Most Chaste Heart. To the souls who will open their hearts to me, I will pour graces into their hearts and into their souls, namely purity and chastity. I desire, my little ones to be chaste in heart as well as in body. The most pleasing to God is a heart that is able to be chaste in the virtues of love, mercy, purity, and forgiveness. This is truly where the Holy Spirit is invited to dwell and where I can pour forth my graces to you. Therefore, open your hearts daily in prayer before the image of my Most Chaste Heart.


December 2, 2008 (St. Joseph)
You are all called to be disciples of my Most Chaste Heart through prayer and surrendering to the Will of the Father…

Today, my little ones, I invite you to walk the journey of faith. My little Foster Son Jesus is with you. Believe and know that He extends graces to you through my Most Chaste Heart….