Consecration to
The Most Chaste Heart of St. Joseph

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On May 2, 2008 (St. Joseph) asked for consecration to His Most Chaste Heart for our
protection and to learn how to live in the Divine Will.

“My little ones, today I invite you to the protection that you all seek. The protection is in my Most Chaste and Pure Heart. Consecrate yourselves to my heart, and you will be forever protected. I will be your protector, your father, and I will help you to stand strong in times of adversity and disbelief.

You ask yourselves, “How do I seek this protection, this great blessing?” I say, repeat this prayer always when you pray, and you will be protected. The prayer is:

Oh, Most Chaste and Pure Heart of St. Joseph,
I consecrate myself to your heart where all souls shall be protected.
For love of thee, I surrender to thee, Amen.

It is a simple prayer, so short and simple that anyone, anywhere, in any language can pray this prayer. (He’s smiling, he says,) For that reason I have kept it simple.

And now, my little ones, I desire you to understand how important devotion to my Chaste Heart is. Pray, pray, pray, and surrender! Through my Most Chaste Heart, I will teach you how to live in the Divine Will. Understand me correctly, my little ones, through God the Father’s Sacred Heart, He gives to you the grace and the gift of His Divine Will. Through consecration to my Most Chaste Heart, I shall teach you how to live in the Divine Will.”