March 24, 2005 through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, U.S.A.


(Our Mother of Mercy is here and so is her Son Jesus, only he’s under the title of Divine Mercy, or Jesus of Mercy.  He’s on my right and Mary is to my left.  Our Lady says,)


My dear little children, praised be Jesus!

My dear children, it is indeed a great day when on this day I come to you, on Holy Thursday, to give to you the last three novena prayers.  My dear children, I desire you always to pray from your heart and I desire you to know that it is always good to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet before the Mother of Mercy.  Always, I point the way to Jesus.  Always, He is first.  He should be first, before me.  You should always put Him first.  Love Jesus and love me, your Most Holy Mother of Mercy. 


I desire to shepherd you and to lead you to Jesus. In order to do this, I call you to listen to your hearts.  Before beginning this novena, I desire you to see yourselves as you are.  What I mean, dear children, it is good to search your motives for the reason to start praying this novena.  Pray it for all the intentions that I have asked for.  Pray it from your heart.  If anything is holding you back, I advise you not to say it.  I desire your full attention, your cooperation, in this novena to win back souls to my Son.  This is your mission, my dear children, and I have confidence in you that you can do this.  Through this novena, you are praying for their conversions, and you are praying for those who need your prayers.  Through this novena, I shall grant many graces.  To those you pray for in this novena, I shall grant the gift of conversion and peace.  I desire this to be, first and foremost, your reason for doing this, and also out of love for your brothers and your sisters. 


I shall give to you the three remaining novena prayers which will total nine prayers for nine days. I desire you to know that there are three more novenas that I will give today besides this one.  Two of them are prayers, but they coincide with the devotion and use of this chaplet.  I shall explain more later.  Now the conclusion of this nine-day novena with the chaplet.


On the seventh day, I desire you to meditate upon all those who are engaged in New Age, Satanic rituals, and those whose beliefs about my Son, me, and the Church are not right. 

Dear children, I desire you to pray for those who are engaged in occultism, who engage in witchcraft, for those who are engaged in New Age.  They believe that they will obtain power, but in reality, their power is from the demons of hell.  They’re jeopardizing their souls because they will not humble themselves to God because they believe they are God, or God-like. 


False Gods exist, dear children, and they are concentrating especially on those who are trying to draw closer to my Son.  Pray that they may know the truth.  Pray that they may accept the truth.  Pray that they may understand the truth and love my Son.  Pray for those who are engaged in witchcraft, even those who are not engaged in Satanic practices but believe that Wicca is a way to perfection which is leading them down the road of evil.  Wicca is not a game. It is the idols of the earth.  They worship the trees and the plants, and they believe that this energy gives to them power.  Only God can give you true power, and only God can make you holy.  Pray that they amend their ways and return to God. 


And pray for those who are engaged in Satanic rituals who believe that the devil is good and can give to them what they want.  Pray that Satan loses his power over them and that they return to the truth of God.  You shall pray this prayer:


“Oh, Mary, Our Lady, Mother of Mercy, I come to you in all humility and act like you to ask you to return souls to God.  Return those who are engaged in New Age practices, those who are engaged in witchcraft, and those who carry deceitful lies in their hearts about Jesus.  You are the mother of all sinners, and you are the mother with the Most Compassionate, Merciful Heart.  Ask Jesus to have mercy on them.  Ask Him to help them see the truth.  Let the Holy Spirit of Fire be the light that leads them to God.  Oh Mother of Mercy, let the Holy Spirit be planted deep in their hearts and let it take root and grow so that as they learn about the Kingdom of God, they may know the truth, and they may accept Jesus. Oh, Mary, Our Lady, Mother of Mercy, with hope we call on thee.”


Then you shall add this prayer:

“Oh, my Jesus, look kindly upon your mother’s heart.  See the mercy and love in which she loves all souls, including those who are far away from God.  Grant to them pardon.  Grant to them peace.  Show them your love and mercy by revealing to them the truth.  Amen.”


On the eighth day, I desire you to pray and meditate on peace.  Dear children, the world cannot be saved without peace.  Your hearts long for peace and you need God’s peace now in order to save you and to return you to God.  You must always pray that you have the peace of God within your soul and within your heart first.  Then, pray that others may be able to have peace also,  within your families, your friends, your nation, and the whole world.  But you cannot pray for peace, or give peace to others, or be in a position to accept peace if you yourselves do not have peace first.  Therefore, I desire you to pray for peace for yourselves first and then for others, and I desire you to know that God’s peace is obtainable through love and mercy.  You shall pray:


“Oh Mary, Our Lady, Mother of Mercy, I seek refuge within your Most Merciful, Immaculate Heart.  You are a refuge of all tranquility and peace.  We seek refuge in your heart with the hopes that you will lead us to the peace of Jesus.  God is the King of Peace.  Jesus is the Prince of Peace and you, my mother, are the Queen of Peace and Mother of Mercy.  Let this peace that you give through your heart and through Jesus first, consume me and give to me strength in times of difficulty and pain.  Oh, Mother of Mercy, let God’s peace that He gives through His Most Merciful Heart, through the Holy Spirit, and through the Eucharist be my sanctification and my life.  Oh Mary, Our Lady, Mother of Mercy, with hope we call on thee.”


Then you shall pray:

“Oh my Jesus, Prince of Peace, you are all deserving of praise, glory and honor.  I give to you my heart, so filled with anger, frustration, and confusion, in exchange for your peace.   I pray, Oh Lord, that you will give me this peace and that I may be able to present it to my family, my neighbors, my friends, this nation, and the world.  Oh Lord, if you are willing, make me a vessel of your peace.  Amen.”


(Mary says,)

My Son Jesus wishes to give to you the last prayer of the novena. (Mary’s sort of backing away.  Jesus is stepping forward from her left.  Now He is right in front of me.)

My dear ones,

On the ninth day, I desire you to meditate on My Most Eucharistic Heart.  Think about the offenses that are still being committed, those who do not believe and those who pay no attention to me.  They busy themselves with other things, talking, carrying on, even long conversations in My Presence.  The lack of respect truly wounds My heart.  That is why I ask you, My dear ones,  to pray that the outrages and sacrileges against My Sacred Heart be stopped. 


But I’m asking that they be stopped through you.  You must maintain a respectful attitude in My Presence within the holy tabernacle.  Pray before Me.  Do not carry on conversations, of course you may say “hi”, but be respectful. I am there!  Be respectful during the Mass.  Do not judge priests for they truly have the power to change My Body and My Blood into the Most Holy Eucharist. They alone have this gift, no other.  Respect your priests. 


Receive Me in the state of grace by going to Confession and by loving Me, and by believing with all your hearts that I am truly present in the Eucharist, Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity.  This is one of the greatest outrages committed against Me, that people do not believe.  Believe and I will heal you.  Believe and I will take care of you. 


You desire My peace?  Go to Eucharistic Adoration.  I am there!  Listen to what I am saying, for I am truly there, not in the way you think you see Me.  Let me make this clear.  I am standing here as a full apparition, but yet I am in My glorified bodily form, here with you now.  In the Eucharist, it is even better because I am not an apparition.   The Eucharist becomes my true Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.  When you are present for Eucharistic Adoration, that is My Flesh, that is My Body, that is Me!  How wonderful and glorious it is!  Now I desire you to pray always to Our Lady:


“Oh Mary, Our Lady, Mother of Mercy, we come to you because you are truly the Mother of God and the Mother of the Word Incarnate.  He is flesh of your flesh, bone of your bone, and heart of your heart.  Wherever Jesus is, you are there.  Lead us, Oh Most Holy Mother, to the Eucharistic Jesus who is your life.  Oh Mother of Mercy, we pray that His true Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity, which are hidden in the Eucharist will become to us our life.  Oh Mary, Our Lady, Mother of Mercy, with hope we call on thee.”


Then you shall pray to me and say:

“Oh my Jesus, from the depths of my heart I am truly sorry for the outrages and sacrileges committed against your Most Sacred Eucharistic Heart.  I pledge my love.  I pledge my soul and myself as a victim soul to gain knowledge for others that you are truly present in the Eucharist.  I believe and offer all my prayers and penance for their conversion and for their knowledge that you are real.  Amen.”                                              


(Now Our Lady is coming forward.  Our Lady is there beside her Son Jesus.  They’re holding hands!  Our Lady says,) ®


Through this chaplet and this novena, you will help me and my Immaculate Heart, which is a merciful heart, to triumph.  I desire now to introduce to you three new novenas.  These are different.


This is the first one.  The second one is for your own desires and for your own needs.  Make a nine-day novena of chaplets saying the chaplet once a day over a period of nine days, and you shall pray:


“Oh Mary, Our Lady, Mother of Mercy, you who are the Mother of God, you who intercedes on behalf of humanity for mercy and grace, we pray that you will hear our prayers.  We entrust to your Immaculate Heart this special petition. (Then you will state your request.) We pray that you will carry this to your Son with the blessing of your motherly mercy and that He will grant your request.  And then you shall say:


Oh Mary, Our Lady, Mother of Mercy, with hope we call on thee.


Now the third novena of chaplets is a little different.  I’m introducing to you something very different, a life line if you wish, in emergencies, times that are bad, times that are getting worse,  in extreme circumstances, when you are in trouble, or attacked by Satan. Whenever there is an emergency, this shall be your lifeline, like your 911. 


In times of an emergency, you shall pray nine times in succession, this chaplet of Mother of Mercy (and you will also state your request)  nine times, one after another, and I promise you I will help you then and there.  Sometimes it will be in the middle of the recitation of the chaplet, and sometimes it shall be at the end, but I shall be there, right then and there and help you in all extreme circumstances, when you pray this chaplet nine times in succession when you are in trouble.  I also desire you to say this prayer at the end of the nine chaplets. Say nine times, making the Sign of the Cross each time:


“Oh Mother of Mercy, help me.  Oh Mother of Mercy, help me.  Oh Mother of Mercy, help me.  Oh Mother of Mercy, help me.  Oh Mother of Mercy, help me.  Oh Mother of Mercy, help me.  Oh Mother of Mercy, help me.  Oh Mother of Mercy, help me.  Oh Mother of Mercy, help me.”


Now the last one is extremely important and beautiful to me also.  It is a special chaplet novena.  When you have the time and your heart is weighing heavily upon you because of a request that maybe is not being answered by God, and you already tried the other chaplet nine days, once a day, I desire you to pray from your heart, nine times in succession, the chaplet for nine days.  You shall pray again, I repeat, nine chaplets of the Mother of Mercy nine times in succession for nine days straight, in a row, and I promise I will intercede for you.  I desire you also to pray this prayer after you finish each chaplet during this special novena:


“Oh Mother of Mercy, you promised your help in times of need.  You promised that whatever we seek through your mercy, you will obtain.  You promised that your Immaculate, Merciful  Heart will be a refuge for all who seek you.  Oh Mother of Mercy, take my petitions to Jesus, bless them with your love and mercy, give to them a kiss of grace, and then present them to Jesus.  Intercede under the title of Mother of Mercy, for that is what you truly are, the Mother of Mercy for all mankind and their needs.  Oh Mother of Mercy, nothing is impossible for those who hope in thee.  Amen.”


Now that you have all the novenas, I desire to tell you it is complete, and I love you all, and I desire you to be united to Jesus.  My Son shall bless you.  (Jesus is making the Sign of the Cross, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen)  Know that we have blessed everything here that is on the altar, by the altar, under the altar, near the altar.  Everything in this room and everything you have with you has been blessed by my Son, and now we both thank you for responding to our call.  Now go, dear little children, in the great peace and mercy and love of God Most High.  Ad Deum.


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