Message from MOTHER OF MERCY


December 24, 2005 through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, U.S.A.


My dear little children, praised be Jesus!

My dear children, I call you closer to my Immaculate Heart through the mercy that radiates through my heart, that is also Godís mercy.Little children, surrender to Godís mercy coming through me, your mother.I have stressed often that my mercy is His mercy.Today, I am stressing not only His mercy but my motherly, merciful mercy.I am your mother, and I love you.You are all my children if you desire to be so.No one is ever lost to this mother except for he or she who does not want me as their mother.Christ Jesus, my Son, gave me at the foot of the Cross to be your mother, your most merciful mother.I plead to him without ceasing before His throne and Godís and the Holy Spiritís, that they will bestow their mercy on you and grant you your requests. I love you, and I also love and praise God who has given me the gift of being your mother.


I desire you to also wear the green scapular devoted to my Most Immaculate Heart.I call you to wear the green scapular because of my Most Immaculate Heart.It is through my Immaculate Heart that all the mercy and graces come forth to you.Therefore, venerate my Immaculate Heart.Venerate it and call it merciful, for Godís mercy truly comes forth from my Immaculate Heart.


My little ones, you have the Mother of Mercy Chaplet and you have the graces that I am giving through this chaplet.My little ones, persevere and know that I am always with you.Be my children by accepting me as your mother.There is nothing that I do not see, nothing that I miss.I see everything!I see sin, and I see your sufferings, and I see your sacrifices, and I see when you are good and when you are doing evil.I never leave you!Never think that for one moment, even if you commit sin, that I am far away from you.I am more closer to you than you realize.All you have to do is call to me.


Oh, little children, in times of suffering you also think I am far away from you and that my Son does not hear you and does not see you.†† Some even think that God doesnít even care.Oh, my little ones, know that this is not the truth.We cannot grace you with the graces that you need to realize how strong our presence is with you because you will not pray and surrender to the fact that we are there.Little children, we are with you all the time!God gives to you, out of His merciful love, rain, snow, the sunlight and the fruit of the earth.Truly He is a merciful God and He is with you always!


As a merciful mother of my Son and your merciful mother, I ask you to stop sinning and to return to God.Perform acts of charity, love, and mercy and never forget, we are with you and we are watching.†† Take heed how you live your life.Please, return to the Sacrament of Reconciliation.Be free from your sins and discover once again the great mercy of God.God the Fatherís heart is also loving and merciful.How could a God who is not merciful give to you His only begotten son to be the living sacrifice, and also me, your mother, who is also a living sacrifice of sorrow?Through sorrow, dear children, you shall come to know the greatest joy as you discover Godís mercy exists within sorrow and is extended to all His little children.Humble yourselves before God and know that I love you.My words to you are this: Follow and live my messages.Renew your hearts, pray for mercy, and practice mercy.


Unlike Jesus, I give to you mercy even when you do not deserve it.Jesusí requirement to receive mercy is that you be merciful to others as He is merciful to you.I, as your loving mother and your merciful mother, cannot.You are my children forever.I love you the way I love Jesus, therefore my mercy is unlimited and is free to access.Therefore, if you desire Jesusí mercy, the quickest way to approach His mercy is through my Most Merciful Immaculate Heart.


And now I shall say I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.Now I shall give my parting words.Thank you for responding to my call.I desire that this prayer group only meet when I return for my visits and for Jesusí and for God the Fatherís visits.I desire that everyone continue to pray on their own.I will always be here.I love you, dear children, and call you to pray and to go out and be living witnesses.For this do I say to you, do not return here until I shall return again.For all my children, I love you and I bless you.You can meet separately in individual groups if you now wish.I will still grace you and bless you.Thank you for your response to my call.


And now, my special blessing.(Following our Ladyís instructions, Chris holds up sacred objects to be kissed by Our Lady and the Baby Jesus.) You do not have to worry about holding up the objects anymore, for I shall go around and kiss them myself with my Son.Tell the people to make room.(She has to float around to kiss everything.Her Son also is bestowing a kiss on each object.Anything we have with us, hold up.You can hold them up if you wish.Now sheís departing into the other room. [where there were more people]All I see is a light.I donít see Our Lady.Now Our Lady is there!She says,)


And now I desire to tell you when I shall return.You already know when God the Father and my Son shall return with public messages.Now I shall tell you when I shall return.On January 6th, (2006) I will return, preferably here if possible.I shall return for a public/private apparition.I shall appear and talk to you (Chris) alone on January 6th.I also desire to tell you, my little son, you will not see me after January 1st unless it is in public which it shall be on January 6th.And I shall appear again on April 13th with a public message and again on April 25th with a public message.Then I shall return on May 25th with a public message.And on October 13th I will return, but the apparition will be different.It will be through a statue.I will appear through a statue and give the message through inner locution.And then one final time, next year, on December 24th with a public message.These are the dates that I shall appear publicly from now on. And now for my parting words.


My dear children, I love you with all my heart.You are dear to me because you responded to my messages and because, though as small as you are, you are living them.I thank you, each and every one of you from the tenderness of my Immaculate Heart, and I desire to tell you I will always be with you when, and especially when, you pray.Thank you for having responded to my call.


And now, dear children, I shall depart.I shall depart, dear children, but I shall always be with you, Öand you know the end of my statementÖ.,(Sheís sad.), in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.(Thereís a Cross that is illuminated behind her.)I will remain with you and slowly depart. Now go, my dear little children, in the great love, peace and†† mercy of God Most High.Ad Deum.


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Mary, 2nd message, Dec. 24 , 2005 p.2