June 24, 2005 through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, U.S.A.


(I see a light and I hear the voice of the Blessed Mother and she says, “Please make the Sign of the Cross.” Now I see a chapel, no, it’s bigger than a chapel, and I see St. Catherine of Laboure.  It’s the scene in which St. Catherine is kneeling in front of the Blessed Mother in the chair and she’ talking to her, and on her right side is the angel, the little angel, glowing in light.  I can’t hear what they’re saying, but I hear Our Lady.  She says, )


First of all, my dear child, and children, most of what I said to St. Catherine was for her alone.  But I desire to teach you, through this first apparition, how very close I am to you and how intimate I am.  I am your mother.  This was the first apparition. (She’s still talking to St. Catherine even though I can’t hear her, but I can hear the voice of Our Lady and she says,)

I desire you to know that this is the first step in order to receive graces.  You must know how loving I am and that I am truly, spiritually, and even physically if you allow me to be, your mother.


(Now there’s another light, a big light, it’s engulfing the scene.  Now I see another scene.  St. Catherine is praying. There she is, there’s the Blessed Mother!  She’s standing on a globe, it’s white, there are clouds around her.  She’s dressed all in white like Our Lady of Fatima.  She’s holding a globe and there’s a cross with diamonds on it and there are rays of light coming down, and she says,)


My dear children, the second apparition that I gave to St. Catherine Laboure was originally intended to be the Miraculous Medal.  I desire it now to be made known that this vision is for your time.  I desire, not to repeat the messages that I gave back then, but to clarify and to ultimately give you a new message on these apparitions.  This apparition in which you see me holding the globe up to God, the globe represents, again, the whole world and each person in particular.  I am offering up to God the world and everybody’s prayers.  Dear children, this vision symbolizes me as the Immaculate Mediatrix and Co-redemtrix with Jesus.  Through me, graces will come forth, but again, before you receive the graces, you must pray.  Pray, pray, pray and, like in the second vision, I offer your prayers up to God.  (And she’s offering it up to God.  I see her holding the globe and lifting it up.  She says,) I am the Immaculate Mediatrix and Co-redemtrix with Jesus.  This is my role.  This is symbolized within the second vision of the Virgin of the Globe.


(Now she’s standing there.  Her arms are out and she’s completely different.  She’s Our Lady of Grace.  She’s wearing the white veil, blue mantel, a white dress, and her hands are out and they’re just streaming rays of light, and   she has a golden, I don’t know what they call it, around her head, like a crown, and then there’s the veil.  And then I see her rings.  They are all different rings and they’re like ruby, the green one would be an emerald, and diamonds and there’s like three on each finger and there are rays of light pouring forth to the globe below, and she’s crushing a green, hideous serpent.  Now I see the words framing her in gold, “Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.”  She says,)


This third apparition is the Miraculous Medal as you know it today.  I desire to shed special graces on people, but they must pray for it.  My dear children, you must understand that now, in your time, it is more relevant than ever that you wear the Miraculous Medal and believe in my apparitions to St. Catherine Laboure, for I am conceived without sin.  This should be a symbol for you today when there is so much irreverence and lack of purity.  People do not venerate virginity, and people will not humble themselves to God to make them holy.


It is true, my dear little children, that when you are baptized, your sins are washed away, including the original sin.  However, because you are descended from Adam and Eve, traces of original sin, although washed away, still remain within your DNA, so to speak.  Therefore, dear children, it is necessary to humble yourselves to God.  It is only through Him that you will be holy and that He will make you holy.  You should pray for holiness, purity, and for wisdom from the Holy Spirit. 


I desire this, and I desire you to open your heart to God so that you can receive the graces I desire to give to you.  Remember what I said, the gems from which rays do not fall are the graces for which souls forget to ask.  Therefore, you must pray, and pray every day to God that he opens your heart to the graces I desire to give you.  Oh, how much He desires to give you purity of heart.  How much He desires to make you holy and give you the gift of wisdom, but you cannot receive it if you do not pray and open up your heart to receive these graces through me.


I am conceived without sin and this should be a symbol for all young people and the world to remain pure and chaste in heart and body.  I am the Immaculate Conception and I am conceived without sin.  Do not forget this dogma, for even though it is not the last Marian dogma in history, it is still one of the most important that you have.  It symbolizes purity and cleanliness, which you all should receive through the graces of the Father coming through me. 


Also, dear children, the Miraculous Medal is one of the best ways to protect yourselves from Satan.  Wherever my image is placed, Satan will flee because I am the immaculately conceived.  


Now I desire to talk to you about the image on the back.  (There’s the image on the back!  There are 12 stars but I don’t see them as symbols of stars as we see them on the Miraculous Medal.  They’re actually twinkling, 12 stars, and there is an “M” and it’s glowing with a bar and a cross coming through.  And at the bottom I see physically, the symbol of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and they’re glowing and they’re bursting in light and they’re there!  And Our Lady says,)


My dear children, the twelve stars represented in this image symbolize my queenly reign.  I am the Queen of Heaven, and the Immaculate Conception, and Your Loving Mother.  I am queen of the Heavens and the earth.  All are subject under my whims in the name of Jesus.  The “M” stands for me, your mother.  The bar represents the line of David, the generations before I conceived Jesus, the root and offspring of David.  The cross symbolizes Jesus, His death, resurrection and glory because there is glory and hope and salvation through the Cross.  The Immaculate Heart, my Immaculate Heart is a symbol of my love for you.  And it is also my desire that people venerate my Immaculate Heart.  This Immaculate Heart represented in this symbol is the same one I talked to you about in 1917 in Fatima. 


And of course, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, His most glorious Sacred Heart from which all graces flow, also is a symbol of His divine mercy, for through His heart came forth the blood and water which makes the souls righteous. The blood is also the forgiveness of sins, and the water makes the souls righteous.  The Immaculate Heart is also my Immaculate Heart, which is a mothers’ mercy.  God’s graces coming through my Immaculate Heart, they are all one in the symbol to teach you the value of the Miraculous Medal.  Wear the Miraculous Medal. (I hear her and I still see the symbols.)  Venerate the Miraculous Medal, and know that I am with you and grace you every time you wear it.


(It’s gone and there’s like a light and it’s enveloping it, and now I see the Blessed Mother and she’s standing there again as Our Lady of Grace.  She says,)


It is not commonly known, but I also appeared to St. Catherine after the actual apparition asking and requesting that this image be made known to the public.  Dear children, I have appeared to St. Catherine after the visions of the Miraculous Medal.  I appeared for the request that they make this medal and distribute it to the world.  I also appeared to comfort her and to tell her that God wishes people to venerate me through this Miraculous Medal. 


I desire now to tell you of something of great importance.  I desire that the Perpetual Novena of the Miraculous Medal be known again and promulgated throughout the Church.  Through these series of the Perpetual Novena, I will grant graces, great graces to every individual.  Let this be made known to the world.  I, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, desire the Perpetual Novena of the Miraculous Medal on Mondays to be celebrated again throughout the whole world.  Through this, I shall grant great graces through this novena.  And also, graces shall pour forth because of the symbols of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and my Immaculate Heart.


I love you, dear children, and I desire you to venerate me under this title.  The Church is losing faith.  If they will rekindle their devotion to me, Mary, the Immaculate Virgin, through the Perpetual Novena, they shall find peace.  I love you, dear children, and I bless you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. 


Now I shall depart.  I shall depart, but I shall return at the end of the Mother of Mercy Chaplet.  My dear children, I love you and I bless you and everything you have with you, and now I shall depart, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.  Thank you, my dear little children, for having responded to my call.  Go in the great mercy and love of God until I return.


(Clarification:  There were five visions in this apparition.)

  1. The Virgin of the Chair
  2. Virgin of the Globe/Immaculate Mediatrix and Co-redemtrix
  3. Our Lady of Grace
  4. The back of the Miraculous Medal
  5. Our Lady of Grace


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June 24, 2005 p.3