Message (2) from YOUR JESUS OF MERCY


September 13, 2005 through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, U.S.A.


My dear ones,

Today I come, and I ask you again to have devotion to My Most Holy Mother.  My mother is the fountain from which graces flow, including mercy.  I cannot stress to you enough what she does for humanity.  She has seen fit to appear before you throughout the whole world to lead you to Me.  She is mercy itself, just as I am mercy itself.  How can she not be, for we share the same heart?  Remember this little saying, “I in My mother.  My mother in Me.”  We both become one, one heart.  If My heart is a merciful heart, how can she not have a merciful heart?  If I am love and mercy itself, how can she, who God created without sin and to be My mother, not be love and mercy itself?


I have come to add validity to the messages of the Mother of Mercy.  Listen!  She intercedes for you before My throne.  Sometimes, when I will not pardon you, it is through her prayers that I pardon you.  I love you, dear children.  My children, reclaim  your kingdom which is your rightful inheritance in your Father’s kingdom.


And I desire to give you also this instruction. The Mother of Mercy devotion, it is a devotion, and I desire it to be placed alongside the devotion to My Divine Mercy.  Why is this so strange to understand?  Did I not request, even to Lucia in 1929, that I desire the devotion to Mary’s Immaculate Heart be placed beside devotion to My Most Sacred Heart.  Therefore, it is the same today.  I desire that the Mother of Mercy devotion and chaplet and so on, be placed alongside the devotion to My Divine Mercy.  Pray both chaplets every day.  Receive abundant grace and mercy, and remember, she is your mother!  When times are difficult and confusing and I seem far off to you, she is always near.  Through her prayers, I listen.  You honor so many saints, but the best saints that you have are St. Joseph and My Most Holy Mother’s prayers.  It is through their prayers, sometimes even beyond the saints, that I honor most.  Go to her.  She is your Mother of Mercy.  She desires to save all her children by returning them to her Most Merciful Immaculate Heart.  She is returning them to My Most Merciful Sacred Heart.


Bless you, My little ones, in the name of the Father who has sent Me, in the name of the Son which I am, and in the name of the Holy Spirit which I pour out to you abundantly and who lives in you.  Thank you for your response.  Now go in My peace.


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