Message (2) from YOUR JESUS OF MERCY


July 13, 2005 through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, U.S.A.


My dear ones,

Today, like never before, do I wish to call you back to my Sacred and Merciful Heart.  My divine mercy and My heart are together. They cannot be separated, for it was through the stabbing of My heart that blood and water gushed forth, which is the love and mercy for each one of you.  Receive this gift by venerating My Most Sacred Heart.  You venerate it in the Eucharist, and you venerate it when you are at home. 


My heart is a merciful heart.  I desire humanity to seek their refuge in My Most Merciful Sacred Heart and the Merciful Immaculate Heart of your mother.  To do this, I call you to prayer and to surrender to Me, and I also give this word of advice.  Your prayer life should not depend upon the hours you spend in prayer to draw closer to Me, but truly, prayer from your heart will draw you closer to Me.  Just talk to Me, seek Me.  For some, it is easier to pray before Me in silence, and for some, it is easier to talk.  Just talk to Me, pray to Me, tell Me what you need and what you desire.  Ask Me what is My Will for you, and I will tell you. 


You cannot live under My mercy without My Divine Will.  You must accept My mercy.  This is My will for each and every one of you.  Therefore I call you to surrender yourselves to Me and to pray.  Do not forget that My heart is also a merciful and loving heart.  It yearns to help you in your trials, and it yearns to bless you.  Develop a more intimate relationship with Me by reading the Holy Scriptures, especially the gospels.  You can also read any book on My life that is acceptable and in accordance with the Church. 


Draw closer to Me.  See how real and present I am in your life, and you shall know without a question or a doubt that not only do I exist, but that I exist to extend to you My great mercy and love.  Will you not receive it through venerating My heart, through simple, child-like prayer and through reading and knowing Me through the scriptures. 


I am Your Jesus of Mercy, but I cannot be if you will not accept Me.  I force no one to love Me.  I force no one to accept Me.  If you come to know Me, will you not want to be with Me?  I am mercy and love itself.  When you trust Me, you receive all you need.  Learn, read of Me, study Me.  Pick up My yoke for it is light. 


I desire also to tell you that it is a great act of mercy that I have given to you something very special.  Each of you has a guardian angel, and I desire that you pray and talk with them each night.  You can name your guardian angel.  You can be intimate and close to him, or her, whichever name you give to your guardian angel.  Be close to them.  Pray and ask for their help and intercession. 


My dear little ones, your guardian angel is appointed to you throughout your entire life, from the moment you are conceived to the rest of your life until you die.  Even in Heaven you shall behold your guardian angel’s face for eternity.  They know you, my little ones, better than you know yourself.  That is why I ask you to pray to them and ask them to help you.  If you ask them to pray for mercy, they will intercede to Me also and obtain mercy and love.  They are your guardian angels and they love you.  Ask their help and they will help you, but I desire you to know that each one of you should have a special practice and relationship with your guardian angel.  They are forever assigned to you to protect you, not only from the snares of the devil, but if you ask them to, also protect you from the dangers of life – storms, earthquakes, tribulations and disasters of every kind, they will be with you and protect you, if you ask them. 


And now, My little ones, I bless you.  I bless you this day with My divine mercy which comes forth from My Most Sacred Heart.  (There are rays coming out, some red and some white, and it’s so beautiful, but they’re light, the rays are like the picture described by Sr. Faustina but they’re glowing but the glow is coming from the blood and water so it’s like they’re glowing.  He says,)


Now I shall bless you with the Sign of the Cross, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, who I am, and of the Holy Spirit who I’ve sent to you, Amen.  Now go in My great peace, love, and mercy always.


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