Message (1) from JESUS


August 13, 2005 through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, U.S.A.


My dear and beloved children of My Fatherís earth,

Today, like never before, do I call you to leave sin and to surrender to Me.My dear little ones, you must stop offending God!If you do not stop offending My Father or Me, greater sufferings will befall you in this decade.I call you to My Sacred Heart and to My Merciful Sacred Heart time and time again.And time and time again you do not listen, and you fail to understand that there are great disasters and great impending chastisements that will come upon you if you do not listen and return to Me soon!


I have warned you, and I have warned you, and I have warned you.I have told you about events that will come to pass, and they are coming to pass now.I have warned you of these many years ago, and even now they are coming to pass, and you still will not believe Me nor are you listening to the messages I am sending you through My mother or through nature itself.Iím trying to tell you that the only means for peace in this world is through My Most Sacred Heart.I am trying to tell you to stop offending My Father and Me, and to return to Eucharistic Adoration, and to make reparation for your sins!


The time is coming when every man, woman, and child will know that I exist, and that time is coming when the Son of Perdition will sit in his rightful temple and will profane my holy name.I tell you this as a secret that I want all the world to know.The anti-Christ is real and he shall come surely as is written of him, but the time when he shall come shall be at my disposal.I am warning you of this now because it is at My Will that he shall come.He shall come either now, or he shall come at the end of time.Either way, it is up to Me when He shall come, and from the looks of the way the world is going at this present moment, I am warning you that I am sending the anti-Christ as soon as possible since your sins are so severe and you will not listen and heed my many warnings.


I have warned you that I shall accelerate My justice and My mercy.Now the time has come.Do not look on this message as act of just one punishment for oneís sins because I am giving the full measure of My justice for the amount of sin that is in the world.


I call and I call and I call, and you will not listen.I ask you to listen to Me for the last time.If you will not heed these warnings, you will suffer greater chastisement, and the anti-Christ will certainly come as it is written of him.Please amend your ways!I am the Christ, Son of the Living God. I am Jesus, Your Merciful Savior, but I cannot be merciful to you if you will not show mercy to others and if you will not surrender and be merciful to Me and heed My warnings.


I love you, my dear little children, and I bless you.Please listen and amend your ways!The message I give to you today is severe only because the amount of sin in the world is so severe, and people are not listening.So again I call you to listen.Now I shall bless you.With tears in My heart and in My eyes I ask you to amend your ways, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.Now I shall give My message on Mercy.(Message 2)


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