Message from GOD THE FATHER


April 13, 2005 through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, U.S.A.


(Heís here and He brought with Him the three archangels, St. Gabriel to my left, St. Michael to my right, and up above is St. Raphael.God the Father is seated on a white throne, and Heís in along white tunic, or dress, and I canít see His face, itís just all light, and He speaks.Now I can hear Him.He says,)


On this day, the fifth anniversary of My appearances here, I give to you as a gift, to be always with you, the three archangels.I encourage you to have a devotion to them because they will remain here even after all the other appearances stop.They will be here in a special way to watch over you, to protect you, and to guide you to Me.Seek their help and their intercession, for I hear their prayers.


My dear ones, on this day I announce to you very simply the devotion to my Fatherly Sacred Heart.I desire that there shall be the First Monday of five consecutive months. You shall recite the Sorrowful Mysteries, and you shall go to Confession, receive My Son in the Blessed Sacrament, and obtain healing for your own wounds and for My wounds that you inflict on Me daily.


Through these First Five Mondays of the month, you will receive healing and grace and console My wounded, Fatherly Sacred Heart.I desire that this devotion be done beginning in April and ending in August.You should make and do the First Five Mondays of the month; however, because this devotion is just new to you and it is already April, this year it shall be extended until September.Therefore, it shall begin next month (May) and end in September. And the following years, it shall be held always April through August, the First Mondays devotion to my Fatherly Sacred Heart.


You ask what graces I will give to you through this devotion?I will grant to you pardon and peace through My Son Jesus, and I will protect you from all forms of justice that I shall bring.Your heart shall have peace as I bring you closer to Mine and draw you away from sin.You shall be able, without question, to surrender yourself to Me and live in My Holy and Divine Will.The graces that I shall give are healing to your hearts and to Mine.When I speak of healing, I speak also of emotional and physical healing, suffering of every kind.


Amend your ways and help heal My heart.Make reparation to My heart, and I shall heal your wounds.And My wounds shall be healed, and We shall dwell together in the paradise of My Will as One.The promises and graces that I give through this devotion are limitless, simply because I desire you to return back to Me. I love you, My dear and beloved children, and I call you to surrender yourselves to My heart.Pray, pray, pray, and make the First Monday devotions.


I love you and I bless you.May simple hearts carry out My desires and My intentions.I bless you, (Heís blessing us.) in the name of the Father, which is Me, the Son which is here also, and the Holy Spirit which is with us both.Make reparation to My heart, and I promise you I will heal your heart.This is your way of seeking your salvation.Your hearts will be healed, healed, healed from pain, from sorrow, if only you will love Me and make the First Mondays.Bless you.


Now, I shall return to My throne, and as I return, I leave you the gift of the three archangels and always My Son in the Blessed Sacrament, and your Most Holy Mother.She loves you so much and so do I.Know this, My dear ones, it is because of My Son and your mother that I am with you today and always with you, even in the Blessed Sacrament.(Heís departing.Thereís a big light.Everything is being enveloped in it.The lightís dimming.Itís gone.)


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