August 24, 2004 through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, U.S.A.


(I see a room.  There’s a fireplace and there’s a corner that I’m being drawn to, and there’s a window.  The corner has three triangles, shelves going up and down along the side of the wall in the corner.  I see pictures of Mary and Jesus and I think on the left side, there is a picture of Padre Pio, but I can’t be certain of it.  I see a statue, that I’m sure of, a beautiful statue of the Blessed Mother holding the Baby Jesus.  The statue is beautiful.  She’s dressed in a white veil, a red top, and a blue dress and Jesus is wrapped in swaddling clothes.  The statue is glowing.  Now all I can see is light.  The light is getting bigger and brighter.  Now I see a figure of a woman coming.  I see flashes of light.  There she is!  She’s so beautiful!  She’s smaller than the last time I saw her.  She looks like she may be about 4’9” this time.  She’s dressed the same way as I described the statue and she’s holding the Baby Jesus.  The only thing is that she’s real.  She’s a little shorter than usual and she’s three- dimensional.  She’s not a statue. She says,)


I am Our Loving Mother!


My dear little children, praised be Jesus!

My dear children, in the great love, joy and mercy of God I greet you.  Little children, today I call you here to hear my words which are not my words but are the words of my Son to all His people and to all of mankind.


Little children, on this day I especially call you to pay close attention to my message and apparitions in Conyers, Georgia (USA).  Little children, then and as of now, I call you to the same messages.  My messages have not changed.  Listen, in Fatima, Portugal, in 1917, I came with a message for all mankind.  The message in all its simplicity is this one.  Please do not offend God any more!  My dear children, you must pray and amend your ways.  Pray the Rosary and sacrifice yourselves for the conversion of sinners. 


This is the same message which I came to deliver in Conyers, Georgia.  I call you today, dear children, to do the same.  Tell others that God the Father is greatly offended by the sins of mankind and that He, along with my Son and His Holy Spirit, call you to conversion, penance, and reconciliation now while there is still time.


Dear children, I come to deliver an urgent message for all mankind, and the message is this one.  Look, listen!  What do you see and hear?  It is me your mother repeating the same messages that I have given to you for the past 2000 years.  You must return to God!  You must stop sinning and abandon the ways of murder and hatred that is in your heart.  I call you to surrender your very life to God and to put your life and your heart into His hands.  He is the one that can give you conversion and peace.


Dear children, return to God and pray little children, pray!  It is with great sadness in my heart that I have to come among you and make many different appearances to awaken your faith and for you to live the messages that I have already given to you.  It is a sadness in my heart because I do not wish to repeat these messages, but I am.  I will continue to repeat my messages, especially the ones at Conyers that I have already given, because you must listen!  I will continue to pray and give my messages until Jesus my Son and the Holy Spirit no longer permit me.  Realize, little children, that I am here and that I am calling you to conversion through prayer.  You must listen and heed this urgent call, for it is the same in 1917 as it was in 1990 and as it is now.  Please, dear children, you must stop offending God and amend your ways!  Pray the Rosary for peace, and you will obtain it.


Realize, little children, that the Mass is everything, and through the Rosary and the Mass, you will obtain joy, peace, and reconciliation with your Lord.  Seek Him, for He is there.  I love you, dear children, and I bless you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Now as I make the Sign of the Cross, I shall bless you again and everything that you have with you.  Everything here that is on the altar, by the altar, and everything in this room I am blessing and will bless again, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Now as I make the Sign of the Cross again, I shall depart.  I shall depart, little children, but I shall always be with you when, and especially when, you pray. (She’s making the Sign of the Cross.)  Thank you for your response to my call.  Go in the peace of God.


(Our Lady says that next month, on the 24th of September, she is going to appear under the title of Mother of Light.  This is in connection with the apparitions in Zeitoun, Egypt (1968-1971).  She said she didn’t speak in Zeitoun verbally, but she did have a message there.  So she’s going to give the message verbally next month in case we missed it. *


Today’s apparition was unique because I learned why Our Lady is appearing under different titles on the 24th of each month.  In the beginning, she came under the title Mary, Mother and Queen of the Divine Will .(April, 2000 – May, 2004), and then she wanted to stress the Lord’s mercy and her mercy for sinners, so on the 13th of each month she comes now,(beginning June13, 2004) under the title of Our Lady, Mother of Mercy.  Then she started to come on the 24th of each month under different titles of apparition sites.  So far, she’s appeared under Mary, Mother and Queen of the Divine Will.   She has appeared under the title of Our Lady of All Nations (Akita, Japan). She appeared under the title of Virgin of the Poor (Banneaux, Belgium) and today, Our Loving Mother from Conyers Georgia.  She’s doing this to promote her messages that she’s already given.  She’s trying to tell the world to review and live her messages.  So she’s appearing here under these various titles to promote her messages.


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*(Several web sites regarding this apparition can be found by typing in Zeitoun, Egypt on your browser.)


Mary – August 24, 2004