Message from GOD THE FATHER


April 13, 2004 through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, U.S.A.


(St. Gabriel says, ďAll kneel.All kneel down before the Lord your God and Creator!Ē [Everyone kneels.])Chris says, ďHeís here!I can see Him.He has a white beard and His eyes are piercing, but I canít really see them.Thereís light all around Him, and I canít make out really a Heavenly body.I can only make out parts of Him.I see a long golden robe that Heís wearing, but it doesnít go anywhere.It just sort of vanishes.†† Heís ready to give His message.He says,)


My dear and beloved children of My earth,

I have told you that every year on this date that I shall appear and give a message regarding My Fatherly Sacred Heart.Today, on this day, not only do I wish you all to promulgate this devotion, I wish you to know why Iíve chosen Gaithersburg as the Center of My Fatherly Heart.

I created it long before this land came into being. And long before settlers came onto this land, there were a few holy tribes that consecrated this land to a spirit known as The Creator God.


Then as the new world settlers came to this land and spread out throughout Maryland and the United States, especially here, the pilgrims who came here had a great devotion to Me, always.As you may know, the first settlers to trod on this land were from England and they were called the Puritans.They had a great devotion to Me. They loved Me with all their heart even though their laws were strict and even though I did not ask them to be that strict, they regarded Me as the highest above all.I am the Lord your God and Creator.


And later, in the 1800ís as more people spread and came to Maryland, especially in Gaithersburg, this holy place was founded upon a center of Jewish beliefs.Synagogues were built here, dedicated to Me, and still exist today. (not the buildings)


I come to tell you that you are so loved by Me and that it is for these historical reasons that I have chosen Gaithersburg as the Center of My Fatherly Sacred Heart.But beyond this reason, there is a more simple one, and that is your simplicity.Historically as you continued to grow as a town, you continued to experience many changes of life and all its complexities, but yet you never lost your faith and you never lost hope.Those who have lived here consecrated their lives to Me from the very beginning and throughout its history, all of you have been consecrated to Me.Even now there are many people who do not know yet of Me or this devotion.They consecrate themselves, their family, and their land to Me.Simplicity, My dear ones, this is what I look for, not your greatness and not your knowledge, but your simplicity and how you live the gospel of My Son Jesus Christ.


I chose this place first because it also provides a crucial vein to your motherís Immaculate Heart (Emmitsburg).How can your motherís Immaculate Heart be formed without the crucial vein that formed her Immaculate Heart, which is Me, her Lord and her God.


My dear little ones, I also wish to give you a mission.This mission is to spread devotion to My Fatherly Sacred Heart.It is time, My dear ones, to awaken your faith. Hear, look, and behold the great grace and gift that I will give you today.(Thereís a scapular.Itís a blue scapular!There are angels all around it!I see angels and I see on the front, on the top of the scapular, a picture.It is God the Father!Heís holding out his Fatherly Sacred Heart and itís gold and there are flames and itís coming to life, I mean the scene, the picture on the scapular.He says regarding this picture,)


My Fatherly Sacred Heart yearns to save humanity.It is for this reason that I hold out My Fatherly Sacred Heart so that My little children may grab hold tightly to it.(Now I see the bottom end of the scapular. I see Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.Sheís seated on the throne and sheís holding in her left arm, the Child Jesus.The Child Jesus is upright.In her right hand sheís holding out her Immaculate Heart and I guess it would be His right hand.Jesus is holding out His hand and in His little hand is His Sacred Heart.God the Father says,)


In this image, behold, you see this.You see Mary presented as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.Know that those who wear this scapular* will have the protection of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and be preserved from eternal fire.Also, those who are consecrated will receive the grace and blessing of being consecrated to her Immaculate Heart.And those who are consecrated to this scapular and wear it devotedly will also be enthralled in the virtues of the Christ Child and also be consecrated to His Most Sacred Heart.That is why Mary holds out her Immaculate Heart and Jesus is holding out His Sacred Heart.It is being given to you and offered up to all of humanity as means of salvation.


(I see on the back of the scapular, on the top of the reverse side.Thereís an image, yes, itís written in gold.The letters read, ďThose who consecrate themselves to the Sacred Heart of the Father, also consecrate themselves to the hearts of Jesus and Mary.ĒI see another image at the bottom end of the scapular.There are three hearts.One is golden, one is the Sacred Heart of Jesus and one is the Immaculate Heart of Mary, but theyíre positioned in like a triangle.The top would be the Sacred Heart of God the Father.The bottom, I guess it would be to the right of God the Father, would be Jesusí Sacred Heart, and to the left, the Immaculate Heart of Mary.Again, God the Father says,)


Behold My promise.Those who consecrate themselves to My Most Fatherly Sacred Heart will be also consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of your mother and to the Sacred Heart of My Beloved Son, your savior, Jesus.I promise special graces:

1.     I promise peace and

2.     I also promise that I will protect you from all dangers and spiritual attacks of Satan, whether it be to the body, soul, mind, from any form of attack you will be protected, even against weather and plagues.††

3.     I also make this promise against My just judgment which will occur, and is occurring now.Those who wear it devotedly will receive protection against My judgment and against the bowls of judgment (Rev. 16) that are being released upon this nation and the world now.


My dear children of the world, know that I do not come to punish you but to ask you to simply return to Me.This is the whole purpose of the scapular and of the Hearts that are being given to you to help you along your journey home, not to punish but to call you back.Granted there are great graces you will receive and protection, and I promise you these things because I love you.


4.     I also promise something that has never been done before.Those who wear this

scapular and make a nine-day novena to Me, will receive the answer to their prayers that they ask for, one answered prayer for every nine-day novena prayed with the scapular.Make no mistake about this.This is My gift to you and this is it.You will receive everything by asking Me and by honoring Me as your Lord God and Father.


Now, My special blessing I give you is the graces from My Fatherly Sacred Heart.(I see His Heart! Its gold. Itís on fire.Itís engulfed in flames and there are rays of light and itís engulfed in light and itís everywhere.He says,) When the consecration to the world is sufficiently realized and the consecration of your nation is officially done, I will then bless the whole world, not just you here, with the rays of graces from My heart.(Heís blessing us, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.)


My dear little ones, go in My peace. (Heís backing away.The angels are moving away, too, but thereís a beautiful light. Itís fading.Now itís gone.)


(*Editorís note: This blue scapular was approved by Chris' spiritual director August 28, 2004, and is awaiting the approval of the bishop who has not yet responded.)


Copying and distribution of this message is permitted and encouraged as long as nothing is changed, added, or deleted.


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