Message from GOD THE FATHER


April 13, 2002 through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, U.S.A.


(I see St. Michael the Archangel.Heís blowing the trumpet.He says, ďAll kneel down before Our Lord, and God and CreatorĒ I see God the Father!I see Him!I see the Holy Spirit, too.Heís coming to rest on a cloud.By His left arm I see Jesus.I see His mother holding Jesus in her arms.I see St. Joseph by the right hand of Jesus. Jesus is a child. Heís nine months old.I see angels, the little faces that Mary steps on, I see them.I see angels dressed in blue robes, inwhite robes.I see St. Michael on the right, St. Gabriel on the left.I see in the background three people.Itís St. Therese of the Child Jesus.I see St. Thomas More, but I should point outhe doesnít look like that in the picture.His nose isnít big either.I see St. Anna, too, dressed all in white.Our Lady says that I should look up to see God the Father.God the Father, there He is.I see His Sacred Heart.He says,)


My dear ones,


Today I come among you to establish devotion to My Sacred Heart.On this anniversary day and on every anniversary day up until the date that I choose, I shall appear.Today my message is this:I WISH THAT ALL PEOPLE THROUGHOUT THE WORLD HAVE A DEVOTION TO MY SACRED HEART.(Heís holding out His Heart.) I wish My Sacred Heart to be spread and to be put beside the Sacred Heart of My Son Jesus and before the Immaculate Heart of your mother Mary.


My children, this June shall begin the special day, My feast day of My Fatherly Sacred Heart.The day established by My Church for the Sacred Heart of My Son Jesus, the day before that, is My feast day of My Sacred Heart.


I did not just come to reveal that date to you, but to tell you that I wish for everyone to know the eight promises that I shall give for those who have a devotion to My Sacred Heart.


1.I shall establish peace within all families and the father shall be the head of that household.

2.I will bring peace to a nation who so consecrates themselves to My Sacred Heart, or in

†††† your case, state.

3.I shall also protect these children from war, poverty and hunger.Plus, I shall establish peace

†††† within that community who has a devotion to My Sacred Heart.

4.I shall give to you My Divine and Most Holy Will.The people who consecrate themselves

†††† to the Sacred Heart of Me, their Father, shall learn to live and pray in The Divine Will.This

†††† gift I can give to anyone I choose and I freely choose to dispose this gift upon you. When you

†††† consecrate yourselves to My Sacred Heart, you shall live, know, and do My Will.

5. Those who consecrate themselves to My Sacred Heart shall also be consecrated to the Sacred

†††† Heart of Jesus and to Mary, your most holy mother.They shall not be My people, but they

†††† shall be My children, sons and daughters of God most high.As Jesus is My Beloved Son in

†††† whom I am well pleased, and as Mary is My beloved daughter, so shall you all be sons and

††† daughters of God, a beloved royal family, consecrated to My Most Sacred Heart.

6.(Heís looking over everyone) I shall establish within each person the grace of loving Me,

†††† their Father, with all their heart, with all their soul, and with all their minds.If anyone comes

to Me and consecrates his soul and his life to My Sacred Heart, I shall fill him with the burning desire of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit shall imprison his heart with fire and it shall be set on fire for love of Me and their mother Mary, and Jesus, My Son.I shall do this to every heart that consecrates themselves to me, the Sacred Heart of the Father.

7.I will answer your prayers powerfully and unexpectedly, but know this, you shall gain the gift of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.Therefore, if it is not in The Kingdom of the Divine Will for you to ask of this, then it shall not be given unto you.If you are led by the Spirit and with the Divine Will, I will answer your prayers.

8..I will heal the hearts of My children. I see your pain. I see your sufferings, and if I in all My glory can cry in seeing you suffer, then know that I rejoice in healing menís hearts. Come to Me, My children who suffer and who cry, and I shall heal your heart and make it like unto My Heart, rich in love and mercy and free from wounds and injuries.Just a touch of the Golden Love from My Heart is enough to heal your hearts of pain forever. (# 8 added by God the Father out of His love for humanity on April 14, 2002 in a private apparition to Chris.)


This is what I have come to say today.The eight promises I shall give to all nations, all kindred and tongues and people who accept My Heart as the Sacred Heart of the Father.


In 1917 your Blessed Mother has asked you for devotion to her Immaculate Heart to stop World War II.Now before the coming chastisements and before a greater war that may be looming in the future, I come to ask for this devotion to not only be spread, but practiced in all religious institutions and homes throughout the world.I tell you in truth.Those who love God their Father would humble themselves before My Son, and those who seek to not only have a devotion to Me, but to serve Me should love and serve their mother.This is My desire and My wish.I bless you today with the sign of the Most Holy Trinity, which is the cross and I extend to you as a blessing My Most Fatherly, Sacred, Loving Heart. (Heís blessing us with the Sign of the Cross.He says that He will come every year on this anniversary to speak about this devotion and He also says Mary shall now give me a private message.)



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(The Father, Apr. 13,í02)