References for Fasting
In the Messages Through Chris Courtis

In her very first message through Chris, Mary told us, “I said in Medjugorje that prayer and fasting will stop war and change the natural law, but you have forgotten this and turned a deaf ear to my messages.”

Throughout the succeeding messages, Mary and Jesus refer to our need for fasting more than 100 times.  The purposes are varied from purifying our soul to mitigating the calamities that are to come. 


One of our Mother of Mercy’s last messages pleads,  “I also desire to tell you, as your Mother of Mercy, to pray and fast.  Dear children, let your soul be united with Jesus and let your body be a reflection of Jesus’ unfathomable divine mercy through prayer and fasting.  I call you on Wednesdays for a moderate fast.  Try to stay away from meat.  On Fridays, if you wish, fast strictly on bread and water.  This will purify you and give you the strength to carry your crosses. 


I love you, dear children, and so does my Son whom I lovingly hold in my arms.  I also, before I depart, desire to tell you that those who desire to pray and fast, and do pray and fast, receive my Son’s joy for He is not only a merciful and loving Savior and God, He is a joyful Savior and is God.